“The secret to a happy life is your attitude. If you thinkpositively, positive
things will happen. If you think negatively... well where is the happiness?”

Gloria Tesch
What does it take to create a happy family, when
modern life threatens to overwhelm us? Here are six
secrets of Happy Families that you can easily put to use
in your own home to create a joyful and connected
teenager treasures family time.
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If you didnt know better, you might think that all the energy
necessary to get through the ups and downs of an
average day could be found in a powder, a pill, or a
suspiciously small can..
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Actually, there isn’t any art behind it. Just that you
were born to be happy, and you can show this
happiness with that beautiful smile of yours. C’mon!
Let’s see it. :) Okay, good
.
Awareness allows you to sort out what you’re doing, how
you feel, what you fear, hope, and wish for – indeed
everything in your life.
Raising a Happy Family
The Single Best Way to Have a Ton of
Emotional Well Being - It`s a Choice
The Art of Smiling
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