Yoga/Meditation is a system of physical and mental disciplines practiced to attain control of body and
mind and awareness and tranquility. Yoga is the series of postures combined with breathing exercises
designed to promote physical and spiritual wellbeing
. Yoga/Meditation take our focus away from our
thoughts and bring our attention to our breath. It is also very relaxing which helped ease our minds.
Yoga/Meditation help us stay present to our experience so instead of jumping to what could happen, it
brings us back to the now—the only moment, the most important moment.
Aromatherapy - While many different cultures have used
aromatic plants for healing purposes, modern
aromatherapy was formally developed in the early 20th
century and popularized in the 1980s and 1990s. Use
concentrated essential oils from plants to encourage
healing by improving mood, relaxing the body, and
rejuvenating the spirit. The therapeutic oils may be
administered directly or indirectly. Common methods
include inhalation, application to the skin via spa
treatments or cosmetics, and aromatherapy massage.
Massage Therapy is the most common, and the
foundation, of all the massage therapy
specialties. Massage therapy is the practice of
applying structured or unstructured pressure,
tension, motion or vibration—manually or with
mechanical aids—to the soft tissues of the body.
Varying forms of massage therapy include
holistic bodywork, healing touch, Swedish
massage, deep tissue massage and Shiatsu.
Reflexiology - Who doesn't like a good foot rub? How
about those hands? Reflexology delivers what might
seem like a simple therapy, but the level of relaxation it
provides is immeasurably soothing and vital to
promoting energy flow throughout the body. Focusing
on specific points on the hands, feet and sometimes the
ears, reflexology practitioners apply gentle pressure
intended to increase circulation and encourage whole
body health.
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